Segmentation, engagement & analytics
mobile apps platform.

mobelite + is a complete solution to monitor your mobile app lifecycle.

Multiplatform management

All your mobile app analytics in one single dashboard.

Manage your mobile app with global cross-plateform vision : iOS , Android and Windows Phone data all in one place.

Quick metrics

Get a quik summary of your most important key numbers when you don’t want to dive into detailed datas.

Efficient segmentation

Modify your segments efficiently and change attribute variables to choose your marketing audience.

Powerful filtering

mobelite + offers powerful filtering across a large number of variables like time,screen resolutions, geographic area, devices...

push campaigns

Send targetted messages with push notifications campaigns.

Build compelling cross-plateform campaigns to your entire audience, and choose among any engaging formats.

  • Send to iOS and Android devices simultaneously.
  • Target a specific geographical area users.
  • Schedule precisely your push notifications campaigns.
  • Send to production or test devices.
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push stats

Get detailed data and results about your campaigns.

Analyse your audience response and measure the ROI of your campaigns.


Mesure what work and what work less with detailed results about the success rate of your campaigns.


Learn from your campaigns history and build more successful strategies to improve your key metrics.

Stats report mailing

We’ll bring your data to you, don’t bother.

Get detailed statistic reports of your users behavior and engagement directly in your inbox.

  • Receive daily stats reports about your app.
  • Track precisely your app lifecycle progress.
  • Adjust your marketing strategy to reach your goals.
  • Anticipate good opportunities.

How you can use mobelite +

Enhance your user segmentation and engagement with mobelite +

Encourage in-app purchases

Links in notifications can lead your users to any view inside your app.

Present new features

You added an awesome feature or have a special offer? Tell your users about it !

Grow your app audience

Ask users to share their news and achievements with friends in social medias.

Re-engage your users

Don’t let users forget about your app and drive them to use it more often.

Trusted by top brands

They use mobelite + to monitor their apps.

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